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MALAYSIA Airsoft People what they like

Airsoft Malaysia Museum is for those interested to learn more about this outdoor sport which is know internationally as a pass time sport. Here you can post question for further information on the sport lah. I will answer all types of inquiries to my best...Pls email me....

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We are restrictions to exercise airsoft, one might wonder how different it would be if we were allowed to take up this sport....just imagine
I have included estimates on some local GBB airsoft price in Malaysia which is based on testimonies and reported by those lucky enough to get hold of airsoft in Malaysia before it was highlighted under the category of "unsafe toy". I had interviewed them and this is the result compiled. Once again, all info is available and prices are just estimated figures for us to extend our imagination on something "Almost Impossible To Get ! " and every boy and man's dream toy....

Lets go to the International World of Gas Blow Back ( GBB )

Lets check it out.....

FIDRAGON Chronograph
Equipment to measure FPS/MPS
for 0.20g, 0.25g BB

Use 2x AA battery


UFC X-Pattern 
Quality ABS Case

Build: Plastic / Foam
Color: TAN
Size : 340mm x 330mm x 90mm

Dual Lock Hooks.
Hand Strap Carry. 

170 Grams

WE Full Metal M1911 SM Custom GBB Pistol (without Marking)

Length :223mm
Blow Back : YES
Hop-up : Adjustable
Shooting Mode : Semi-Automatic
Magazine Capacity : 15+1 Rds
Pistol Power Source : TOP Gas
Power (Muzzle Velocity) : 350fps
1250 Grams

WE Luger P08 6" 

Length : 283mm
Barrel Length : ~152mm 
Shooting Mode : Semi-Automatic
Magazine Capacity : 15 rounds
Power (Muzzle Velocity) : 310fps

1350 grams

Dragon HI-CAPA 7.1

7 inch Dragon
Made In China

1100 grams

Cobra Corp. Kimber 1911

Comes with ABS case
Tactical rail
Velocity of Muzzle: 320FPS
Made in Taiwan
850 grams

With Marking (Laser Marking)
-Built Material: ABS
-System: Gas Blow Back
-Magazine: 12 Rounds

Made in Taiwan
650 grams

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Common condition when playing with Airsoft toy

- 21 years above  
- Beware of scams offering deals too good to be true
- You are advised to check for further information and details of particular units online.
- Always wear protective gear
- Do not show it off at public as intimidation with a toy is a crime

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